March 2017 AGCA Veterans Appreciation Gun Show

Get ready—the Spring 2017 Veterans Appreciation Gun Show is coming 18-19 March 2017.  Our biggest and best gun show of the year! Honoring our veterans and their sacrifice for all Americans and the Freedoms we have!  Over a dozen Veterans groups and organizations will be attending with the latest information and support services for veterans and their families.  The Dixie Division Military Vehicle Club will hold their Spring meeting with us and bring over a dozen vintage military vehicles for everyone to see and examine up close and personal.  Over 750 tables will be set up with weapons of all descriptions: rifles and pistols, hunting rifles and shotguns, and antiques firearms from the War Between the States to the  the World Wars, and up to the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Dealers will have NVG’s, scopes, lasers, lights and plenty of accessories for firearms.   Reloaders, hunters and target shooters will have plenty of ammo to select from and plenty of powder, primers and bullets to go along with your brass .  Be sure and look for your Table Registration Form to arrive around the first week on February 2017.  Complete the form and mail with your check for tables as soon as you get it. Don’t wait–the best tables go fast.  Note that the price for tables has gone up $10.00.   Membership has increased to $25.00. Cost for admittance has also increased to $9.00 per adult.  All increases were approved by your Board of Directors in order to keep up with increases in costs to your organization.  Look forward to seeing you there…………

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