On November 13, 1954, Cecil Golden, Herman Price, Joe Box, Alex Samples, Howard Cole and Ben Wooten met at the home of Harry Roll to discuss the organization of a gun club in the State of Alabama. (Billy Johnson was invited but could not attend.)  After discussion, each of these seven men agreed to invite everyone they knew to an organizational meeting held in the Birmingham Police Department Club Building on Saturday, November 27, 1954.  This resulted in a group of twenty-one men interested in antique firearms organizing a Gun Collectors Association of Alabama.

2019 marks the 65th year for the Alabama Gun Collectors Association with membership of over 1500 individuals from 23 states.

Our club has gone through the usual pains of early development and the phenomenal growth of adolescence. We are now entering what will probably be our most important phase, that of maturity. We have size, now we must strive for the mature quality associated with sound institutions. Let’s all resolve to do our best to insure the future of our great association by being aware of the developments in firearms legislation.  Voice your opinions to your elected State and Congressional representatives. Only through vigilance will we keep the freedom of owning, collecting, and using the firearms that we all enjoy so much.