Exhibit Rules


For table reservations, return the reservation form at an early date.
Comply with all local, state and federal firearms laws.

Cooperate with the Sergeant-at-Arms and Officers by observing the Association’s rules on permitted and prohibited exhibits.

Wear your identification badge to all meetings. Be familiar with your Constitution and By-Laws. Insist on SAFETY!


1. No member or other person shall during the continuance of a meeting of this Association, and upon the premises where such meeting is held, display or show a loaded or primed firearm, nor shall any member or any other person place any charge, whether blank or ball or empty case in the barrel, chamber, cylinder, or magazine of any arm upon said premises during such time.

2. Neither shall any person or member bring on the premises during such time any live grenade, or rocket, or gas shell, or any gas container of any kind.


1. Small arms; weapons intended to be fired from hand or shoulder by a single individual, and complying with all local, state and federal laws, including new firearms of current manufacturers in their original container or offered at the current retail price.

2. Accessories and attachments for small arms, including sighting, carrying and cleaning equipment and supplies, and antique ammunition or ammunition as a part of a display, and accessory belts, boxes and kits.

3. Ammunition, including components and materials for same, in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

4. Personal equipment used in shooting, including spotting scopes, binoculars, shooting glasses and similar related items.

5. Targets, scoring books and bullet traps.

6. Parts for small arms, including material for the manufacture of parts.

7. Tools, including gages, bullet moulds, reloading tools and any tools or small machines peculiar to the use, maintenance, repair, examination or production of firearms.

8. Edged weapons, including pocket knives automatic or switch blade included.

9. Bows, arrows, cross-bows, arrowheads and similar items.

10. Books, literature and photographs or pictures related to small arms or ammunition and their manufacture or use.

11. A display of coins, stamps, currency, timepieces, jewelry, and razors in the amount of 15% of the table area shall be allowed.

12. Any other articles or devices that can be shown to be properly related, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, to the activities of The Alabama Gun Collectors Association.


In order for any item that requires registration under the GUN CONTROL ACT OF 1968, TITLE II to be allowed in any meeting of THE ALABAMA GUN COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION, THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA MUST BE MET:

(a.) Any person planning to display any weapon classed as a “machine gun” must be a member of the A.G.C.A.

(b.) prior written approval must be obtained from the President of the A.G.C.A. This approval must be obtained for each A.G.C.A. meeting.

(c.) Each item must have proof of legal possession in accompaniment.

(d) There will be an upright sign furnished by displayers, stating in layman terms, the requirements for possessing, owning or transfer of ownership of said items/weapons.

(e.) There will be an upright sign furnished by displayer upon each table stating, on both front and rear of said sign, the following in one

(1) inch bold letters:




1. No loose rounds of ammunition allowed on tables. All ammo must be boxed or cased or bagged.  Display only tables may contain belts with ammunition.

2. Motors, tools, machinery and similar equipment intended for general uses not specifically peculiar to the manufacture or maintenance of small arms. Small medical tools for gunsmithing are permitted (15% table rule).

3. Cameras and phones with camera capability admitted but use is restricted.  Photos permitted with vendors permission and/or approval from AGCA Officials.

4. Drop-in-sears, full auto kits & silencer tubes/parts, pyrotechnics, tasers or stun guns.  No laser penlights/pointers.  Laser sights are permitted.

5. Jewels, gems and minerals, glassware, cameras, boomerangs, non-related bumper stickers, non-related T-shirts.

6. Musical instruments, TV’s – VCRs, CDs video players or audio players without prior approval.

7. Firearms altered in any manner (markings, re-shaded parts, etc) or made in whole as to appear as any other gun, or when misrepresented.

8. Bottles, glassware, china and similar items not related to guns or gun collecting.

9. Fishing, athletic and sports equipment generally.

10. Books, pictures and literature not related to small arms, edged weapons or Indian relies or the activities of The Alabama Gun Collectors Association.  Books relating to bomb/explosive making, booby traps, how to kill are prohibited.

11. Horse and riding equipment other than historical/military items.

12. Clothing of all types except military, historical, and hunting clothing.

13. Walking sticks, canes, cane swords.

14. Brass, aluminum or steel knuckles, slapjacks and blackjacks, throwing stars, Nunchukus- martial arts equipment generally, Blowguns, night sticks/batons, butterfly knives, Bali-song, godfather knives & kitchen cutlery.

15. Air rifles, pellet guns, other devices banned by Birmingham City Ordinance.

16. Any item barred by the safety rules.

17. Any item not admitted under Permitted Exhibits, and any other item which is not patently related directly to the activities of The Alabama Gun Collectors Association.


Section 1. The Sergeant-at-Arms or any officer of the Association, to total at least four (4) persons, may order any violating person to immediately remove his exhibit from the premises.

Section 2. Such violation shall be reported to the officers of the Association who may declare the individual, if a member, in suspension of his membership, or if a non-member, bar him from exhibiting at any future meeting of the Association.

Section 3. Any member or other person who has been barred or suspended may appeal to the Board of Directors and they may either remove the suspension or disbarment or sustain such penalties. The decision of the President and Board of Directors shall be final in all such matters.